It shouldn’t be so difficult to help people in need

You were called to meet needs by serving others,

but complicated details and planning issues are getting in your way...

You were called to meet needs in your community,

but you need help recruiting teams to your site in order to meet the needs of the people you serve...

Global LINK will help you with...

Icon of binoculars: Finding the Right Site

Finding the Right Site

No. One size does not fit all. Global LINK specializes in connecting teams to sites that need what the team is able to offer. Right team + right site = right fit.

Icon of a bus: Arranging the Right Transportation

Arranging the Right Transportation

Making sure your transportation needs are met keeps you from being stranded. Global LINK can help make sure you are able to get to all of the places you need to be.

Icon of bunkbeds: Finding the Right Lodging.

Finding the Right Lodging

Where you stay is more than just having a roof over your head. We help you think through what lodging accommodations will be needed for your team.

Icon of a sandwich: Providing the Right Meals

Providing the Right Meals

Food provides physical energy for the team. Many factors will effect choices, prep, and availability. We help you make a plan to ensure everyone is properly fed.

Icon of hand washing: Getting the Right Training

Getting the Right Training

The site may require your team to have specific skills and/or cultural understanding. We can connect you to training that will help your team achieve its goals.

Icon of people talking: Finding the Right Team

Finding the Right Team

No one knows your site needs better than you. Using the information you provide, we will identify vetted teams that will help you attain an optimal impact.

Our Process

Step 1

Complete your planner form.
Click 'Go Serve' or 'Host Teams' to complete your planner form.

Step 2

Review your form with a Global LINK Guide.
Review your form with a Global LINK Guide.

Step 3

Start meeting needs with your team at your site.
Start meeting needs with your team or at your site.

We don’t want a fee to be one of your logistical challenges.

Global LINK wants to connect people who help people by removing the logistical challenge(s) you are facing. That is why we don’t charge for helping you meet needs.

Support Us

Planning, coordinating, and executing a successful service project can be daunting.
One of the worst things you can say when you are on-site is, “I wish we had thought about                   .”  This document will help you avoid pitfalls and serve others with confidence.

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Who We Are

We have been serving in project platforms for 25+ years.

Our partners include project experts and host sites around the world that connect teams/people with projects.

Our team has impacted thousands of lives in hundreds of projects around the corner and around the world.

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